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"Good News! Hull Pioneers Award 2000 local artist David Okwesia has added another award to his talent. The prize for the Best Innovation. You will soon make it worldwide, Congratulations!"

DENNIS FYLE - Former Chair, Hull & East Riding R.E.C.


"StreetLife is an innovative arts project that brings the excitement of street culture into workshops and courses. They provide an extra dimension to the culture of Hull."

KEITH RUSSELL - Coordinator, The Warren


"At last this great project is available to all young people that will benefit greatly from involvement in it. Dave is a very effective communicator with young people and inspires them to reach their full potential.

ALAN RAWE - Project Coordinator, The Warren


"It was a unique experience for year 1 children to practice photography in conjunction with collage work. It gave them an early experience of mixed media and graphic artwork."

KATE MARRETT - Cavendish School


The children found the Break-Dancing and Body Popping exciting and stimulating as they have never experienced this type of dance before. It opened up a whole new world of dance and it was good for the boys to see a male dancer to associate with as opposed to a female dancer in a leotard."

LYNN O`REILLY - Marton Gate School, Bridlington


"StreetLife is another `top` project from Hull innovative musician and artist David Okwesia (a.k.a. DJ Redlocz (Full Flava)) creating a vibrant youth culture for the city."

LOU HOWARD and Hull City Image Ltd


"StreetLife workshops are a positive and vibrant experience for everyone involved."

ANDREW RICHARDSON - Promoter, Hot City Beats


"The City Arts Unit are happy to support David Okwesia and the StreetLife project."

PAUL HOLLOWAY - City Arts Officer